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Body Wraps & Scrubs

Amazing Body Wraps and Scrubs

Body Wraps

All body wraps begin with a light dry brushing skin exfoliation. While you are in the body wrap, you will be treated to a head, scalp, and face massage.

Firming and Toning Cellulite Treatment:
This treatment dramatically improves body and skin tone. It begins with a body scrub and an application of cellulite cream and then a highly concentrated seaweed gel. You are placed in a thermal wrap for about 30 minutes followed by an application of Cellulite Oil, which is massaged on the painful areas. We recommend that you do not shower until the following day to allow for maximum absorption.
$100 for 90 Minutes
Ultra-Hydrating Aloe Body Wrap:
You are wrapped in a highly active, organic hydrating and moisturizing aloe gel, and a thermal wrap for 30 minutes - while you relax with a face scalp and head massage. After you are unwrapped, we apply a moisturizing cream. Great for people with dry skin.
$75 for 60 Minutes
Purifying Herbal Linen Body Wrap:
Warm linens that have been soaked in a hot herbal infusion with essential oils wrapped around the body to increase the elimination of toxins and relax and soothe the mind and body.
$75 for 60 Minutes
Exfoliating Mineral Salt Glow:
This exfoliation treatment uses Dead Sea’s mineral-rich salts that are combined with oils and applied to the body with long, smooth strokes to remove old, dead, and dry skin cells. This helps in increasing circulation, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Choose from Unscented Dead Sea salts, Chocolate Cake scent, Lavender, Vanilla, and Rosemary Peppermint. We recommend that you do not shave 24-48 hours before the treatment.
$70 for 60 Minutes    
Sugar Exfoliation Treatment:
Same benefits as the salt glow only with scented Organic Sugar.
$70 for 60 Minutes

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa

You can choose from a wide variety of treatments available to make you look and feel better than ever. Try out a therapeutic massage or indulge in a relaxing facial. Discounted spa packages are available to help you save on your favorite treatments. Prepay for 10 wraps and save $100 on the regular price. Daily specials are also available for many of our most popular treatments. Contact Blue Mountain Health & Bodywork today for more information.
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