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Loyalty Rewards Program

Our Loyalty Rewards Program

Rewarding Our Loyal Guests

We would like to reward our loyal guests with a plan for the whole year that will save you money! Why settle for just a massage every month when you can choose from a variety of services. Do one or more services every month. We will Debit your card monthly. No long term contract required. Just give us 30 days notice to cancel. 

We know you have a lot of choices but we give real savings not a discount on jacked up prices! Call and Sign up today!!! 

How It Works

You choose a service for the month and make your appointment. Your credit card will be debited. You or your spouse or immediate family may use it too. Use the same price to buy a gift for a relative or significant other. Your card will automatically be charged monthly for a minimum $70.00 service for $54.95.     

Options Available To You

Choose any Regular price $70.00 service which includes: Rewards price: $54.95
1 hour relaxation massage, pre-natal massage, 1 hour facial, 1 hour reflexology, salt or sugar exfoliation.

Choose any Regular price $75.00 service which includes: Rewards price $59.95
1 hour hot stone Massage, European facial, 1 hour body wrap.   

Choose any Regular Price $80.00 service which includes: Rewards price $64.95
1 hour deep tissue massage, neuromuscular trigger point therapy massage. Chemical Peels. 

Choose a Diamond Microdermabrasion facial for $85.00: Rewards price-$69.95

Choose any Regular Price $100.00 Service which includes: Rewards price $84.95
90 minute relaxation massage, 90 minute hot stone massage, Cellulite toning wrap. 

Choose any Regular Price $110.00 Service which includes: Rewards price $94.95
90 minute Deep tissue massage, or neuro-muscular trigger-point therapy massage.   


Bonus Rewards

Extra Bonus Rewards that add real value to your yearly plan.   
Your 6th month is 50% off any 1 hour service!!! Your anniversary month is any 1 hour regular price service for free!!

So let’s do the math. If you sign up for a $70.00 service each month then in 12 months or 12 services whichever comes first your savings will be $255.00. That means your average service for the year is $48.75!! Just commit to coming 12 times a year and enjoy the savings. If you skip a month then you can do it another month. If you want to come more than once a month you can.

Here at Blue Mountain We Truly REWARD your LOYALTY!!   

Become a Member of
Our Loyalty Rewards Program and Save! 
For More Details, 
Call 717-540-7717.
"Please do yourself a favor and visit them, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed."
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