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Health-Enhancing Reflexology


Reflexology Foot or Hand Massage:
This massage is a pressure-point technique performed on the feet or hands based on the ancient tradition of energy zones that run through the body. The stimulation of these reflex points in the hands and feet correspond to the organs and systems in the body and also induces deep relaxation, improves circulation, and balances the system.
$40 for 30 Minutes

Deluxe Reflexology Package:
This rejuvenating treatment is designed to focus on the reflex points in the feet as well as the hands. You are also treated to a relaxing and soothing head and facial massage to reduce stress, restore balance, and increase vitality. You may also include aromatherapy oils to increase the effectiveness of your treatment!
$70 for 60 Minutes

Pampering Foot Package:
This rejuvenating and relaxing foot package includes an Exfoliating Mineral Salt Foot Scrub, Rejuvenating Marine Foot Masque, 15-minute head, face, and scalp massage, 30 minutes of Reflexology and a Paraffin Dip for the Feet!  
$75 for 75 Minutes
Include hand reflexology: $90 for 90 Minutes

Rejuvenating Foot or Hand Treatment: 
This invigorating treatment begins with a Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub for the feet or hands, followed by a full 30 minutes of Reflexology. Finally, your hands or feet are dipped into warm paraffin wax and unwrapped to reveal soft, supple, and rejuvenated skin!
$45 for hands or feet or both $70

Foot or Hand Paraffin Dip:
Your hands or feet are dipped into warm melted paraffin wax and wrapped for several minutes. They are then unwrapped and the wax is removed to reveal extremely soft, supple, moisturized feet and hands.
$8 for hands $10 for feet or $16 for hands and feet
Add 15 minutes of reflexology to any treatment just $15 more!

See the Benefits of Reflexology 

Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on pressure points in the hands and feet. Stimulating these points will result in relaxation and improved circulation. It is also known for being an effective method for promoting healing of the body, preventing sickness, and keeping the body balanced. Let our licensed and certified therapists work for you to help you feel your best.

Pick the Treatments That Work for You

You will find that Blue Mountain Health & Bodywork has a variety of therapeutic options available for you. Use our brochure to choose from a basic reflexology session or packages that are designed for ultimate pampering. Gift certificates are also available. Visit us for pain management or just for relaxation.
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A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa combination packages of 2 hours or more – Credit card reservations are required, and the card will be charged for all appointments canceled with less than 24-hour notice.
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